The Future Of Hinduism In The Twenty First Century!
Hinduism is the greatest, most beautiful, most satisfying and most empirical of all religions.  In the words of Bhagwat Gita, it is the king of all religions, most confidential of those who realise its truth, a most pure religion giving direct experience of self realisation.  By the practice of this religion one can obtain sustained and permanent happiness and joy beyond imagination, eternal joy.

Hinduism is an all encompassing religion.  Whatever is found in other religions, principles and thoughts, and a thousand fold more, in quantity, quality and breadth can be found in this religion.  Hence it is the universal religion, a most catholic of all religions with its tolerance of other views about God, its thriving for compassion, caring, selfless service and holiness, as exemplified in one of its greatest modern exponents, Mahatma Gandhi.  In a few words it is the striving for realisation of uselfish, unconditional love (PRYAM) seeing God not only as the cause and origin of the universe, but present within our own hearts and immanent in the hearts of all living creatures, pervading the universe.  God is a Person but He is also all pervading infinite Spirit.

This Religion of Sanatan Dharma, its real name the eternal religion, has the potential of uniting all the spiritual forces of the world to combat the selfish, astheistic, hedonistic, materialistic, self destructive propensity of this generation of humanity.   The twenty first century belongs to Hindus and all other truly spiritual humans to elevate humanity away from the precipitous course to darkness and ignorance and towards light and wisdom and peace, the true heritage of all humanity.

The Hindu diaspora must first enlighten its own leadership, and join with progressive forces in India and other countries to spread this Glorious message of Sanatan Dharma throughout the world.  It is Lord Krishna who said that those who spread this message among the devotees, such a person must be considered to have accomplished the greatest duty, and will eventually no doubt go to Him.  Thus the missionary component of Hinduism must be reestablished, in a definite role for this planet which has now become a global village.  But we must understand clearly the essentials of this Sanatan Dharma.

1) That God is one.  The thousands of executive and administrative angels and controllers of the Universe are not God or independent of Him.  His personified energies, incarnations and manifestations are not independent deities but will disappear eventually.  That God is one without a Second; in His true greatness not completely manifest for He is Infinite, unknowable, unborn.  The word Lord has different meanings, in English, from that of the Supreme to that of husband, landowner, or noble or king.  So too is the word "deva" in Sanskri.  The confusion about many gods has been the greatest stumbling block for Hinduism, in its relation with so called monotheistic religions and the perception by those who are attracted to Yoga, Devotion meditation and vegetarianism, which has been spreading throughout the planet, in spite of the feebleness of India.

2) We are all equal before God. God is not partial to anyone. He is equal to all beings, irrespective of race, colour, religion, sex, appearance or status. All society are classified according to talent, education, training and profession. Caste is a fellowship of talent and education, training and profession in the service of oneself, community, country and humanity. Caste rigidity is a false interpretation of social distinctions, and with selfish motives of privilege and advantage.
Lord Krishna said that Guna (native talent) and Karma (training and profession) are the foundations of social division and He is (Samo aham sarva bhuteshu) equal to all beings.
The son of a doctor cannot be a doctor without native brains and adequate training and approved professional status.

3) We can have no permanent happiness without God. Material pursuits give temporary feelings of happiness without depth or sustenance. Material desires and selfish, egoistic activities multiply desires which are like fuel in a fire, always unsatisfied and craving for more sensual pleasures. To know God and to be in communion with God is the highest happiness and bliss (samadhi). Perfection in discipline, duty and knowledge culminates in pure devotion to God Supreme and happiness beyond ordinary comprehension.

4) The way to God is through the Purification of Consciousness, through discipline- sacrifice, austerity, charity and selfless service.
Self control of senses and sense organs; tongue, taste, stomach, procreative ability (sex) and mind, lead to purity.
Control of lust, anger, greed, harshness, arrogance and ignorance is mandatory. Only a purified body, mind and senses, can like a mirror, reflect the truth of the soul and God Supreme. Prayers and meditation purify the consciousness to reflect truth.

5) The universe is governed by law, physics, chemistry, biology and spirituality, the law of Karma of cause and effect. No one from archangel Indra, to the lowly ant, is immune from the laws of the universe. The laws of spirituality and physical laws work automatically whether we believe in them or not.

6) We are all essentially souls, immortal, and perfect in our original self. Like the electricity in the bulb, the soul is immortal and our body is like the bulb, subject to decay, once the soul leaves the body, but the electricity remains and can enlighten a new bulb. Ignorance is the cause of our limitation. Perfection of discipline, duty, knowledge and devotion will remove this ignorance and reveal the beauty,  majesty, glory and power of God Supreme and yourself, a part of this perfection.

7) The religion of the Hindus is a universal religion, and not applicable only to Hindus. But Hindus have an obligation to first learn the truth about their religion, practice it, and realised its truth. This process of perfection is practical, scientific and personally realizable. We must share this science of perfect love, unconditional, unselfish universal love (u- love) to all mankind. This Science of Hinduism can quickly relieve the suffering and a sorrow of mankind and lead to universal peace, happiness, prosperity and nobility.

8) Mother India, the physical origin and source of the Science of Hinduism, must extricate itself from the scourge of ignorance, egoistic and selfish leadership, to adopt universally, the Science of Perfection as individuals, and in its national life, to become a beacon of enlightenment for the Salvation of Mankind.