Founder Roopnarine Singh M.D.
Internet Hindu University
Who am I?
My name is Roopnarine Singh, a medical doctor, Cardiologist, in Montreal Canada.I was educated at McGill University and has been living here for thirty seven years.I am a Hindu and has organised eleven times the Krisna Leela in Montreal ,Toronto and Trinidad,West Indies.I have also organised the Canada Day Parade in Montreal for the last 21 years to which over 100,000 people attend each year.I am also an author of a book entitled, Canada, the greatest Nation of the 21st century.This was published in English and French in 1993. In that year alo I received the Citation for Citizenship by the Government of Canada, one of 25 Canadians honoured that year.My present aim is to create an Internet Hindu university from which Hindus around the world and people seeking enlightment can get definite Knowledge about the Glory, Beauty,Wonder and Superexcellence of God and the lofty priciples of the Hindu Religion, and the Fundamental Religion of Sefless Love, Duty, andHoliness.This University will be part of the activities of the ROYAL HINDU SOCIETY OF RAMA AND KRISHNA, which is being organised at present. This idea will be presented in the first paper presented at Concordia University at the instace of the World Diaspora Meeting of Hindus in August 1997, and this will be the first instalment to appear in this site.