Founded by Roopnarine Singh M.D
3000 St-Antoine East
Montreal, Canada
H4C 1A5
Aims of the Society
1) To Worship the Supreme Lord (Truth) Lord Rama and Lord Krishna and to propagate and support the Hindu Religion, its real name Sanatan Dharma, and the great Society of Hindus all over the world.
2) To Unite Hindu Society everywhere with an understanding of the true nature of this great Religion and its essentials, for the salvation of mankind and for service with selfless love to all mankind and God's Creation.
3) Specifically, to create a World Internet Hindu University to make available immediately the Eternal Truths of this Great Religion.
4) To eventually Create a North American World University as centre not only for the Propagation of academic studies but the practice of Hinduism by traditional monks, sadhus and Professors and the populace. This university will be the forerunner of other universities around the globe. It will also serve as a centre for assemblies of Hindus and meetings of the Royal Hindu Society.
5) To make alliances with Buddhists, Christians, Sikhs and enlightened adherents of other Religions Jews, Moslems, Sufis, Zoroastrian and other religions to cooperate in the fundamental religionof love of God (Truth) and selfless love and service to mankind.
6) To create Programs for TV, Radio and the internet and satellite services using existing or new instruments of communications, books, libraries, tapes, discs adn newspapers.
7) To make readily available copies of the Bhagvat Gita, Ramayana and Upanishads.
8) To create a new breed of Hindu spritual leaders, characterised by courage, enthusiasm and zeal, fearlessness, resourcefulness, generosity adn selflessness, and an ability to convince and lead humanity. They must be men and women of integrity, honesty and self control and exemplary character.
Membership is open to all hindus on recommendation of one member of the society. There shall be 4 classes of membership. Cheque to Royal Hindu Society of Rama and Krishna at above address.
1) Founding Member 1000 U.S. dollars
2) Regular Member 100 U.S. dollars
3) Associate Member 10 U.S. dollars
4) Corporate Member 1000 U.S. dollars
Only founding and regular members shall have a voting right.
The founder Dr. Roopnarine Singh shall have a Veto right for any decision for the first seven years of the existence of the registered Royal Hindu Society.Thereafter, the society shall be governed by a board of governors, a President and ten Executive members including a Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership director and a member from each of five continents and India.This Executive shall be set up immediately.
The Royal Hindu Society will seek tax exempt status as a religious organization in whatever country where it is established.A similar executive shall be established in each country as necessary.
The Society shall have regular meetings according to parliamentary procedure and effect its decisions by conensus and carry out its transactions acceptable accounting procedures and with an annual report.

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