Gospel of Perfection

(An inspired Version of the Bhagwat Gita)

Preface to the New Gita (by Doctor Roopnarine Singh) MD

Om Sri Ganesh Shayanamah.



This new version of the Gita came to my mind as a revelation I have read and studied the Gita from age 13 and must have read it scores of times completely. I was told by my Guruji Swami Purnananda that the Gita was the single greatest scripture of the world.


One fortunate day while reading the Gita at the 3rd verse of the 7th Chapter viz

Manukshyanam Sahastreshu

Kashit Yatati Sidhayaye

Yatatamapi Sidhanamam

Kashit a mam vetti tatvatah


Out of thousands and thousands of men hardly anyone is seeking perfection.

And of those seeking perfection,

Hardly anyone knows me as I am


Like the sun when it appears, removes

All the darkness that is present, and shows things as they really are, so too this mighty verse of the Bhagwat Gita came like a revelation to me. The whole meaning of the Gita then revealed to me with lightening speed, and I could understand, that the great single message of Lord Krishna was for each person, his mortal duty, first, is to become perfect as God Almighty is perfect.

And I could see that all the Chapters and verses were beckoning mankind and all beings to seek this final goal of perfection -

Perfection in discipline,

Perfection in duty,

Perfection in knowledge, and perfection in devotion to God Supreme, One God the embodiment of Perfect love.

The word Bhakti became not only the process of devotion, but the culmination of the whole biological and Spiritual process to develop PARAA BHAKTI,  SUPREME LOVE

Unconditional, Unselfish, Universal Love -  the Nature of God Supreme Himself.

All the process of yoga, all the pathways of yoga – discipline, duty, knowledge, practice, constant devotion, detachment, concentration, and God absorption, was to realize this pure, immaculate Nature of God Supreme -  in the state of Samadhi.

The epithets  of

Mahabaho – mighty armed

Savyasachin– expert at the arrow

Dhananjaya – expert at creating wealth

Parantapa – greatest of the Bharatas

Madhusadana – killer of the great demon Madhu

Achyuta – Infallible God

Purushotama – greatest of all persons.

These expressions and  appellations are all synonymous with the concept of perfection.


There and then, I decided to create a new version of the Bhagwat Gita, utilising the original  Sanskrit to find meaning to this new vision of the Gita.  Hence I decided to call it the GOSPEL OF PERFECTION , where the word Gospel  means – absolute, real truth.

I wrote in verse form, because the Gita, is exquisite Poetry.




1.                  The Gita of Annie Basant, President of the Theosophical Society, was my 1st Gita. It’s still in my possession today.


2.                  Shrimad Bhagwat Gita by Doctor

            Guru Irasama Gohse of Govindaram Religious trust.


3.                  Shrimad Bhagwat Gita – by Swami Ramsulchdasi


4.                  Bhagwat Gita by Doctor Sarvapelli Radhakrishnan


5.                  The Bhagwat Gita  as it is by Swami Prabhupada of ISKCON


6.                  The Mahabharata by Kisari Mohan Ganguli (Munshiram Publishers)


7.         The Sanskrit  English Dictionary by Monier Williams (1899)            




I have gained greatly form the  Study  of Gita in numerous references, lectures, seminars, but the greatest teacher is , I find the submissive and enlightened heart, the seat  of all wisdom and knowledge of God Supreme and His creation.(Paramatma)


If there are any faults omissions or errors I apologize to God Supreme and all the great savants and Acharayas before.



Notes – Gita on Internet. The entire Bhagwat Gita (seven hundred and one verses) and other essays and the play KRISHNA LEELA can be found @hinduroyalsociety.com. It is Free


Go to google and click on Bhagwat Gita.




                                          Signed:            Roopnarine Singh MD

                                                                  (BSc.,Hons. M.D.C.M (Mc Gill)

                                                                  CSPQ (Certified Specialist in Cardiology)



                                          Date:               12th October, 2011.





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Dr Roopnarine Singh, MD (Cardiology)


To provide a short and sufficient biography of Dr Roopnarine Singh would be too difficult a task. And so I beg for your forgiveness for unintentionally missing out on some of the many feats of this outstanding man. First and foremost, Dr Singh is a devoted husband, mentor, and dedicated servant of the public. It is without a doubt that these virtues and attributes were imbibed in Dr Singh from his deep roots in this Hindu faith. From a young lad in Trinidad to a successful cardiologist in Montreal, Dr Singh has enjoyed nothing but success as his ‘mantra’ in life has and always will be the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of life. Now, at the age of 75, it is perhaps fair for Dr Singh to look back at his vast list of accomplishments, none of which would be possible without the love, support, and devotion of his wife Liz.


It is perhaps an understatement to say the Dr Singh is a man of faith. He is not only the author of New Gita but also the speartheading force behind the Krishna Leela in Montreal, Toronto, Trinidad and West Indies eleven times. Countless Hindu children from the Montreal community can vividly recall “Singh Uncle” (as he is affectionately known) and how his efforts helped them to gain the valuable samskaras of Hinduism. To speak a little bit about Dr. Singh’s impressive work. New Gita, he has the unique talent to be able to explain the profound philosophical and scientific gems of The Gita in a simple and succinct fashion. Dr Singh and the source of his inspiration, Liz, have hosted us all at their home for countless satsangs. One could never leave their home without having the desire to come back for the next spiritual gathering. Their combined love, devotion and hospitality towards their friends and fellow devotees are exemplary and second to none. Dr Singh has founded and runs the ROYAL HINDU SOCIETY OF RAMA AND KRISHNA. As Dr Singh’s record shows, he’s an institution builder par excellence.


Mr. Canada is a name that will always be exclusively reserved for this outstanding patriot. Dr Singh was the brave Canadian patriot who started the Canada Day Parade in Montreal. He has organized and conducted the parade for more than two generations with annual crowds of 100,000. Dr Singh is the author of a fabulous book entitled Canada, the greatest Nation of 21st century, which was published in English and French (1993). For his great love of Canada, he was honoured in 1993 with the Citation for Citizenship by the Government of Canada. It is no wonder that he is known as Mr. Canada to the patriots of this wonderful land.


To conclude, I would like to reiterate once more that Dr. Singh exemplifies the teaching of the tireless pursuit of excellence. His unmatched track record as a husband, cardiologist, Hindu devotee, and patriot speaks for itself. My wife, Urmila and I along with our children, Archana, Ratna, Meena, and Abhaya, would like to take this opportunity to covey our warmest wishes to Dr. Singh on the auspicious occasion of Dr. Singh’s 75th birthday.


May God bless the Singh family with continued happiness and the strength to further contribute to the benefit of society.


Warmest regards,

Dr Lakshmi Shanker Dube

Professor of Mathematics

Concordia University




"Dr. Roopnarine Singh is known to me for the past 28 years or so.I met Dr.Singh for the first time in the summer of 1983 while he was narrating Krishna Leela to a large number of spectators as  it was being played in the open field in the Jean Mance park near downtown Montreal. Dr. Singh's unique style of narrating the life and stories of Krishna as described in Sri Madbhagvatam was indeed very captivating to my mind and left a deep impression on me.At the end of the day I introduced myself  to Dr.Singh appreciating and congratulating him for his work in bringing Hindu religion to multicultural and mutifaith people of Montreal Canada.Dr.Singh furthermore invited me to take part in the Krishna Leela which was to continue for the next few days and I did .I was given to play the role of Narad Muni and my children Anand and Sunil also played different roles in Krishna Leela.

Thereafter we took part in the Krishna Leela for several more years.

    Following Krishna Leela I  have witnessed Dr.Singh as the organizer and founder of Canada day Parade in Montreal  on July 1st  for several years. I have also attended on many occasions Dr.Singh's religious and spiritual sermons at his house.I am forever indebted to Dr. Singh and His wife for making me a part of this service.

Now Dr.Singh has written a book on Hindu Philosophy as described in Bhagavad Gita.Dr. Singh's interpretation of Bhagavad Gita is very enlightening and is applicable to people in the modern age.

    I recommend this book highly to anyone desiring to understand the true meaning of Hindu religion and its impact on modern living.


Mahendra P.Chaubey Ph.D.

Author and Professor (Physics)

Dawson College

Montreal Canada.

Nov., 2011