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Dr. Roopnarine Singh: MD

Author of New Gita


There is a no book, no literature, no scripture, no doctrine, no faith, no scientific treatise, no personally practical and realizable formula, for perfection, for happiness, peace nobility, greatness, wisdom and opulence, as the Glorious Bhagwat Gita, Song of God Supreme.

This Bhagwat Gita speaks of the Empire of God Supreme, unborn, perpetual, eternal, ancient, self conscious, self sufficient, self generating, independent, infallible and inexhaustible. And the Lord of this empire as pure Spirit, without figure, face, form material substance, the Supreme  Brahaman, all pervading, omniscient, omnipresent , omnipotent. But the Lord, as Saguna Brahman, is the Supreme Person, the most beautiful, the most powerful, the most learned and wise, the richest most famous and independent Person, Purushotama. He is the best and noblest of beings, birthless, deathless changeless. No one is like unto Him, no one greater that He. He is self sufficient, self satisfied, self happy. He is satchitananand, absolute, eternal consciousness and awareness, absolute bliss, knowledge, information and wisdom. He is the most independent of beings. He needs no help, no sacrifice, no flesh, no blood, no human or animal sacrifice. He covets no land, no kingdom, no power. He is not partial to anyone, all are equal before his grace and Majesty. He is not worried, jealous, fearful, wrathful, forgetful, capricious, vengeful or desirous of any result, material spiritual of other worldly.


In one word He is LOVE – pure and perfect- unconditional, unselfish universal love.

Those who find this love can know Him, as He is, for He is the very essence of our being, the source, sustenance, origin, foundation and consciousness, of our divine spiritual nature. Everyone has access to Him. No one is excluded. He is our divine Father, divine Mother, divine Lord and Master. He is the ultimate Truth, ultimate Knowledge and Wisdom, Ultimate refuge, eternal witness, eternal Absolute Reality.








The Bhagwat Gita is the Fountain of this Empire and the Lord, one God of Excellence and Virtue and immortality, and all beings can come and drink at this fountain and find the ultimate happiness, peace, contentment joy, bliss and exhilaration beyond imagination, beyond dreams beyond speed or experience.


Lord Krishna, God Supreme Himself, in the Song of God, Gospel of Perfection speaks like no authority before, in perfect, poetic rhythmic Sanskrit, giving to us a panoramic view of all existence, all laws, all worlds all pathways and the royal road to enlightenment, as distinguished from darkness. By light we enter into divine consciousness, one with God, By darkness, we are doomed to repeated experience in material existence of, birth death, old age, sickness and sorrow. We can choose the Path of Light today, as the great warrior Arjuna did, to victory, opulence, extraordinary power and righteousness. This is our eternal destiny. We are the children of Light, Truth Accomplishment, Power, Beauty, Harmony, Happiness and Righteousness.



The choice is ours to be a not to be, perfect, peaceful, blissful in divine consciousness, or wallow in the quagmire and swamps of selfish, self serving, self interest love, striking our heads against the spikes of material pursuits, fleeting material happiness, toiling night and day with recurrent sorrow, diseases, suffering, depression and hopelessness, unmindful of the Transcendence, the Beauty, the Wonder the Magnificence and Super excellence of God Supreme, dwelling in our own heart, awaiting like a bud to flower into the perfection of the Lord’s grace, attraction,  power, science and nobility. 



 This empire of existence is governed by law, physics, chemistry, biology and the laws of spirituality. The greatest law is the foundation of science, the Law of cause and effect, the law of Karma. All are subject to this law from the dynamic atom to the mighty black hole, from the lowly ant, to the giants in the animal species, from the dark demons of might, to the lofty archangels and controllers of this universe. God Supreme is the source of this law but He himself is above this law. Hence He is the Supreme Arbiter, Supreme Judge, the Supreme Witness, the Supreme Refuge. Those who have found this Lord in their heart needs no Protector, Savior, Redeemer or Refuge, for God Supreme is Perfection Himself. 


Newton Scientific discovery of gravity


But the Law of Cause and Effect extends into the ethical  and moral field, the law of Dharma governing the lives of higher beings, men and angels and divine incarnations, endued with reason and intellect and imagination and who can distinguish between good and evil, the path of Light and the path of Darkness.


 As we sow, so shall we reap. We are the masters of our destiny, making choices at every crossroad in the high way of time. The law applies, whether we believe in it or not. Time is the representative of this law, the witness, the judge and the executioner, the bestowed of happiness and sorrow, opulence and poverty, peace and war, relation and depression, death or immortality. Like the mighty Sun the wheels of time bring into existence a multitude, of things animate, and inanimate, and then grind into dust, all existences. This process is automatic, self propelling, endless for it operates by the Energy (shakti) of the Supreme Master of the Universal God Supreme.







In this relentless march of time, the universe is born, evolves into myriads of forms, living and non living things, the appearance of the creator Brahma, the Preserver and sustainer Vishnu and the Destroyer and Recycler, Lord Shiva, the three faces of the same diamond of one God Supreme. Everything in the Universe follows the process of creation, being designed and born, matures, develops and maintained, and then gradually deteriorates and dies or is transformed or recycled. Thus the process of Creation (Brahama), Maintenance (Vishnu ) and Destruction, [ Lord Siva] occurs again and again.


In this process, all things in this universe appear as pairs of opposites, positive and negative, up and down, right and left, male and female, good and evil, freedom and incarceration, big and small, beautiful and ugly, demon and angel.


THE female appearances of the other 3 faces of the same diamond of God Supreme Saraswati, Lakshmi and Durga occur, representing the functional controllers of universal affairs, of one God Supreme – six faces of one Diamond.


Those who can perceive the hidden hand of God Supreme in all the phenomena of this universe, worships God Supreme,with all his heart, mind,soul and might. He is a seer, he is enlightened, he is fit for liberation. No sorrow, no regret, no lamentation, no craving- for this enlightened sage has conquered the pairs of opposites, and is fixed in divine communion, with the pure love of God Supreme, blissful wise, powerful efficient, radiating the light of communion with the highest divinity.


To know the law of  KARMA and freedom from materialism is to know Dharma – the law of governance over intelligent human beings and angels endowed with reason and imagination and the facility of choice between, good and evil.


Dharma is law, ethics, morality, principles, conduct over individuals, groups, sectarian, parochial, national and international activities, and universal order and stability. By following – the path of ligh, through Dharma, a person becomes purified, in body, mind, intellect and higher consciousness enabling him or her to see truth as it is (tattvatah) and the ultimate reality of existene.


Lord Shiva in deep meditation




 Dharma enables man to transcend – The pairs of opposites, to transcend, selfish, self interest love (Kama) and with the light of buddhi, the intellect will reveal the nature of soul (atma and paramatma) individual soul and the Supreme Soul. The whole process of enlightment from ignorance to wisdom is called yoga by following the light of Dharma, through the perfection of discipline, the execution of duty, and the acquirement of essential knowledge, and purification from selfish love (kama) to transcend the modes of nature, selfish goodness, passion and ignorance to acquire pure love unconditional, unselfish universe love [u-love] and the vision of God Supreme.


KAMA – selfish self interest love, love for anything other than God Supreme, is the greatest enemy of Man.  Kama is like a perpetual, all pervading, mist that hides real truth and confounds the material instincts of rational beings seeking the truth. When the individual enters the path of light  with this mind and intellect, to find God and truth, the grace of God  Supreme, dwelling in his own heart comes to his rescue, to purify his mind and intellect of this powerful self interest, selfish, love that separates man;s material consciousness from divine consciousness. The great angels, archangels and even enlightened beings are subjected to fall from the grace of God, by this powerful self interest love called KAMA.


Man can, by employing his own talent and appropriate training and profession, achieve perfection even in this life.

This is the salient doctrine of the Bhagwat Gita and that of Lord Krishna.

The talent inherited as guna must be trained, sharpened and cultivated to perform one’s duty, perfectly. The so called lowest class, the labourers, as a cleaner, can perfect his or her work with honesty, thoroughness, efficiency and pleasantness to make oneself attractive to employer, and so earn an honest and self sufficient living, in the service of one’s family, community, nation and God Supreme. By his faithful service, the Lord within his heart  shall, by His grace, and law, lead him to salvation,     So it is also with a professional doctor. He must have native, intelligence aptitude and discipline to utilize his talent in acquiring skill, knowledge, technique, professional status and a compassionate attitude, to be a physician, and so too gain salvation through the perfection of duty, knowledge discipline and devotion to God Supreme. Society by following this divine dispensation of  true caste decision will avoid the misfits of  incompetence and abuse – round pegs in square holes. The selection for duty must be advised by selfless, enlightened teachers GURUS, lecturers and government, for the smooth working of society. God is not partial to any caste distinction as repeatedly demonstrated, in the scripture, as in the case of Shavari who merited the grace of meeting Lord Rama Himself,  by her devotion, duty and service, although she was of the lowest caste.


The spiritual leader must be noble and selfless too. Peacefulness, self control, austerity, physical and mental purity, tranquility, honesty, he must have both phenomenal and higher spiritual intelligence (gyana) and an ability to make simple and practical the profound  teachings of Dharma..

No scripture in the world in two alone verses have outlined the qualities of the executive and spiritual leader so clearly and effectively – Glory to God Supreme Lord Krishna and the Gospel of Perfection  the Gita.

A perfect leader can with his resourcefulness (daksham) solve the problems of his society and with his knowledge and fearlessness combat the self serving corruption ,pervasive in society and camouflaged as democracy. Contracts and kickbacks are the backbone of so called democratic government. Only a fearless determined and courageous leadership can combat the theocratic establishment, who use God as a mule to peddle and carry their evil baggage, of barbaric self enhancing doctrine, bloody sacrifice for salvation, through blood alone, for inclusion in their  organizations of primitivity and darkness..

Lord Krishna Himself, through His enlightened  leadership of the Pandavas, in the Mahabharat  war, demolished the selfish evil reign of Durjodhana – whose counterpart we see today every where in the so called civilized world.


Colin Powell and Norman H. Schwarzkopf



The Bhagwat Gita is clear about leadership, whatever a great man does, others follow by. example. Exemplary leadership is the key to the success of any society.

But the Gita of Lord Krishna emphasizes the unselfish nature of those who wish to lead. Self promotion and self agrandisement are taboo in leadership. The world today scoffs at unselfish leadership but Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, the greatest apostles of change for for freedom  acted nobly and unselfishly. While the ordinary people act mainly from self interest (saktah), those who wish to lead society, must act nobly and without self interest. Honesty and integrity will flow naturally..SELF INTEREST AND SELFISHNESS AND ARROGANCE ARE LIKE POISON IN LEADERSHIP.


Lord Krishna in two Verses in the 18th chapter of the Gita, outlines the qualities is the executive leader and the spiritual leader. Concentration and implementation of this doctrine can create a quantum leap in this world of all pervading corruption and oppression.

Courage, drive, energy, ambition, determination, resourcefulness,  on solving a problem,  fearlessness in battle, generosity,  with personal power, and ability to lead by argument, eloquence, charisma and reasonableness. These are the sterling qualities of the executive leader the King, President, Prime Minister and Military General.

The qualities of the spiritual  leader are peacefulness selfcontrol, taking hardship to accomplish one’s goal,, austerity,  internal and external purity, tranquility, simplicity in com.portment and action, phenomenal and transcendental knowledge. These are the qualities of the true gurus.

The GITA has thousand of gems of knowledge,. But let the gita verses speak for themselves in the new version.

The Bhagwat Gita starts with the preoccupation of the blind king Dhritarashita with the outcome of the war, of his evil son Dunrjodhana,  against his cousins, the Pandavas, and the illustrious warrior, Arjun, the friend and disciple of Lord Supreme, Lord Krishna.

This blind King allowed his son to virtually usurp his own power, because of his personal selfish ambition, which blinded him from his duty as a leader and King of  Hastinapura (Delhi)

This is the eternal predicament, to do one’s duty according to Dharma and follow the path of Light, or to follow the path of darkness, in selfish, self interest love, leading to sorrow disappointment, disaster and destruction.

The last verse of Bhagwat Gita, in contrast, gives the rewards of adherence, and practice of the Gospel of Perfection..

Lord Krishna and Arjuna


Whenever there is Krishna, Lord of Yogo (Gospel of Perfection), wherever there is Arjuna, the perfect bowman ,(perfection itself), there shall certainly be victory, opulence, extraordinary power, and righteousness.

This is the culmination of the path of light. All things that men seek, can be obtained by making God Supreme, the centre of one’s life, and executing one’s own duty with Perfection. This is the conclusion of the Bhagwat  Gita – the Gospel of Perfection


Bhagwat Gita
Introduction to New Version – Bhagwat Gita (Poetry)
By Dr. Roopnarine Singh

  1. “Out of thousands and thousands of people

Hardly any one is seeking perfection
And of those who seek perfection
Hardly any one knows me as I am”?

  1. This verse is the key to the

Meaning of the Holy Bhagwat Gita
Coming from the lips of
God Supreme
Lord Krishna, Lord of Lords
God of Gods Supreme Spirit
Highest and greatest of all persons
Supreme God of all universes
And manifestation invisible
And apparent

  1. God is the most beautiful

And attractive beings
The most powerful, wise
And famous person
The most rich and independent
Master of all existences

  1. No one is above Him

He is unborn, ever existent
No one precedes Him
When this Universe disappears,
He alone exists
Above controllers, incarnations
Archangels, angels and demons



  1. In Him the Universe exists

Matures, deteriorates
And disappears
No one is above Him
No one can exceed Him
No one can replace Him
He is the source of life
Of all material and spiritual existences

  1. He is Purushottama, the

Greatest of all beings
Worshippers by all enlightened
And unenlightened beings
In beautiful metric poetry
In Vedas, Upanishas and Shastras

  1. God is Spirit without free from or figure

He pervades the Universe
Unseen inconceivable, unimaginable,
He is called Brahman
The foundation of all existences
Infinite, all knowing, all powerful
Unborn, perpetual, eternal,

  1. God is self sufficient

He needs nothing, asks for nothing
He is above all laws
Yet the source of all Laws
The origin of Truth
Wisdom and Knowledge
No one can know Him completely
For His glories are inexhaustible                    




  1. God is pure Love

Unconditional, unselfish
Universal Love
Like the Sun, he emanates
This Love, needs nothing in return
Leaves no one out
Of His mercy and benevolence.

  1. God is perfect

Infallible, makes no mistake
Does not forget, for His memory
And intelligence is perfect
Needs no food, no blood
No animal sacrifices, nothing,
No human or celestial sacrifice.

  1. He is self sufficient, atmarama

Self happy, self satisfied
Self sustaining, self knowing
The source of all happiness
Contentment, bliss and beauty

  1. His power is invincible

He is not jealous, afraid, worried
He covets no power, no land
No people, no race
All beings are equal before
This God, magnificent
Beneficial, omnipotent.






The Human Predicament:

  1. Light and darkness are the two

Eternal paths
The path of light leads to
Goodness, discipline, right knowledge
Perfection in duty, in devotion,
Culminating in perfect love,
Unconditional, without selfishness
Or self interest, universal love.
Leaving no one out including,
Human, angels, the loving and
Non loving creation,
And becoming perfect like unto
God Supreme

  1. The path of darkness leads to

Ignorance, arrogance, false pride
Lust, anger, greed
Harshness, indiscipline, hatred
Atrocities, terrorism, dominance
Slavery and descent into
Bestiality, war and suffering

  1. The path of light leads to Truth,

Truth about God Supreme,
Controllers, angels, archangels
And demonic species,
The highest and lowest beings
The evolution of truth from lower to
Higher truths,
And distinctive in human
Celestial and ungodly beings




  1.  The truth of science,

The origin of this universe
And others, and those before
Never imagined, but existing.
The truth about the Universe,
Governed by the Mother of All Laws,
The Law of Cause and effect- karma

  1. All the phenomenal Universe

And all scientific laws,
Arise from the Master Cause,
God Supreme,
Whose Universal Laws
Govern this Universe

  1. Automatically perfectly

And eternally
No one is above these laws
Controllers, angels, archangels
Humans and living and
Non living beings include.

  1. The path of light leads

To serenity, peace, and happiness
Enlightenment, contentment, joy
The light of God Supreme shines within,
Dissipating all darkness,
Ignorance, infatuation,
Intemperance and sorrow.



Content of Bhagwat Gita (Gita)

  1. The Gita begins with

The eternal predicament of mankind,
To remain and act like an animal
With selfish love, self interest
And infatuation
With indiscipline, false pride,
Arrogance, harshness and hate
Leading to sorrow and destruction

  1. Or to rise above selfishness and ego

With self discipline, self control,
Self elevation,
And ascend the path of
Perfection in discipline,
Duty, knowledge and devotion
Leading to perfect happiness
Pure love
And divine communion
With God Supreme

  1. This is the predicament

Of King Dhritarashta
In the first verse of the Gita

  1. This king who not only is physically blind

He was spiritually incapacitated
Steeped in ambition for his arrogant son,
Duryodhana, the embodiment of evil
Blind to the presence of God Supreme
Lord Krishna,
Who even exhibited his all powerful
Divine manifestation before the royal
Court of Hastinapura (Delhi)



  1. So blind was he

That he considered himself to be a match or contest between Him
And the God of Gods, Lord of Lords
Lord Krishna Himself.
Now the charioteer of His nephew Arjuna
On the opposing side

  1. His devilish son boasts of the

Superiority of his army,
Headed by the invincible warrior Bhishma
And generals like Drona Karna
Kripacharya and Aswathaama

  1. Little did he think that on

The holy field of Kurukshetra
Holiness was on the side of his opponent.
Besides, Lord Krishna was the
Charioteer of Lord Arjuna
Of mighty arms and
Expert at the arrow
His doom was evident
Even before the 1st sound of the
Conch-shell vibrated.

  1. Such was the darkness of ignorance

Of those who follows not the path of light
But become shaped,
In the horror of darkness
False pride, arrogance and hate
Atrocity, anger and indiscipline






  1. Then Arjuna the famous expert

In warfare,
Perfect indiscipline
Victorious against men and angels
And a great devotee of Lord Krishna,
God Supreme.
Forgetting his duty as a warrior
To uphold liberty, preserve
Security and condition of prosperity
Swoons with compassion for his
, arranged on the other side

  1. He becomes weak, shaking like a leaf,

His bow slipping from his hand,
He refuses to fight.
He will surrender to his cousin
Because he cannot stomach
The thought of killing his own cousin,
Though his whole life was
Devoted to Dharma, the
Protection of righteousness, goodness, nobility,
Against the forces of evil, greed,
Oppression and atrocities

  1. Then Lord Krishna

All smiles
Spoke sweetly to correct
This confusion of duty,
By infatuation of selfish family
Considerations by Arjuna.
The whole Bhagwat Gita
Is to portray truth as it is,
Without the contamination of selfish love and interest

  1. It is to portray the divine panorama

Of the will and purpose of
The God Supreme

  1. Within and outside the universe,

The eternal witness,
The eternal regulation,
The eternal origin and repository,
Of all existences,
Physical, spiritual and others

  1. Warrior Arjuna uses

Traditional and scriptural
Arguments to justify
His cowardly resolve

  1. But Lord Krishna points

Out the weaknesses of his position
And points out the cowardly position
Arising out of selfish family love
And infatuation

  1. Lord Krishna then

Enlightened Arjuna as to the
Invulnerable nature of the soul
Its immortality, independence
Birthless deathless, changeless
Invisible, eternal, ancient

  1. This soul is eternal.

Lord Krishna Arjuna and
All souls have always existed,
And will exist forever.
There is no need for
Lamentation of the body.
Arjuna must stand up and fight
Or incur sin for not
Doing his duty




  1. Then Lord Krishna goes out to discuss

The immortal nature of this soul
The part of duty
Devotion and knowledge
Culminating in Paraa Bhakti
Pure love
Unconditional, unselfish
Universal love

  1. Lord Krishna explains with depth

The whole phenomenon of nature
The qualities of goodness, passion
And ignorance
Of beauty, harmony, activity and inertia
The whole psychology of human nature
And the psychiatric impulse of human behavior
Never before attempted in human history

  1. With the knowledge of God Supreme

With discipline and devotion
All spiritual pathways will lead to pure love
U-love, unconditional, unselfish
Universal love and communion
With God Supreme